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Hjem som forandrer verden Wolfgang Simson

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Kristenlivet er en profetisk måte å leve på – i husmenigheter, og ikke først og fremst i menighetshus.

Houses that Change the World Paperback by Wolfgang Simson

$17.96 (1999) Amazon.com

Millions of Christians around the world are becoming aware of an imminent reformation of global proportions within the church. God is changing this revered institution and is making a new collective awareness of an age-old revelation, a corporate spiritual echo that reflects God's desire for the church. In this book, Simson brings to light what God is saying to Christians everywhere. Researched across the globe, he presents the case for the reformation of the church's existence. In a world where the church is being ignored, it is time to bring the church to the people and not the people to the church. Whether it is what we know as church from the last five years or the last five hundred years, no one has truly been able to break free from the structures of the past. Many may see this book as radical, many may see it as a reforming of old ideals but all who read it will be challenged and their priorities refocused in a life-changing way.

The House Church Book: Rediscover the Dynamic, Organic, Relational, Viral Community Jesus Started. Hardcover

Kindle $15.61 Hardcover $13.17

2009 Tyndale Press.

In a world where the church is being ignored, it is time to bring the church to the people, and not the people to the church, says researcher and church strategy consultant Wolfgang Simson. His book Houses that Change the World (originally published in the UK) is widely recognized as a classic of the house church movement. Now revised as The House Church Book, this definitive work offers a comprehensive understanding of the past, present, and future of the house church movement—and the vital role of “ordinary” people in saturating the world with God’s truth.

Organic Church: Growing Faith Where Life Happens Hardcover $18.30 Amazon.com

by Neil Cole (Author) 2005.

Churches have tried all kinds of ways to attract new and younger members - revised vision statements, hipper worship, contemporary music, livelier sermons, bigger and better auditoriums. But there are still so many people who aren't being reached, who don't want to come to church. And the truth is that attendance at church on Sundays does not necessarily transform lives; God's presence in our hearts is what changes us. Leaders and laypeople everywhere are realizing that they need new and more powerful ways to help them spread God's Word. According to international church starter and pastor Neil Cole, if we want to connect with young people and those who are not coming to church, we must go where people congregate. Cole shows readers how to plant the seeds of the Kingdom of God in the places where life happens and where culture is formed - restaurants, bars, coffeehouses, parks, locker rooms, and neighborhoods. Organic Church offers a hands-on guide for demystifying this new model of church and shows the practical aspects of implementing it.

Church 3.0: Upgrades for the Future of the Church [Hardcover]

Neil Cole 2010. Price: $17.97 Amazon.com

Book Description

Publication Date: February 15, 2010 | ISBN-10: 0470529458 | ISBN-13: 978-0470529454 | Edition: 1

An expert practitioner answers to questions about the burgeoning organic church movement

Neil Cole's best-selling book Organic Church described the fastest growing segment of contemporary Christianity-the so-called organic church. Now in this next-step book, he answers questions about how to deal with theological and organizational issues that come up. He talks about issues such has what to do with finances, children, heresy, leader training, and rituals and ordinances. Without the top-down structure of a denomination, even people who are proponents of this small, house-church model worry that they are not doing it right.

Offers an important resource for anyone involved with or thinking of starting an organic or house church

Addresses practical issues of theology, rituals, doctrinal heresy, how to handle children, finances, and other important questions.

Written by an acknowledged expert who is now and has been for over twenty years an organic church planter and practitioner. A new Leadership Network title and follow-up to Organic Church

Church 3.0 offers solid information about organic churches based on Cole's extensive experience in starting, nurturing, and mentoring in the organic church movement.

Church Transfusion: Changing Your Church Organically
--From the Inside Out

Book Description. Price: $17.32 Amazon.com

Publication Date: September 19, 2012 | ISBN-10: 1118131282 | ISBN-13: 978-1118131282 | Edition: 1

Just as our life is in our blood, the life for Christ’s body is in His blood. Changing a church is more than a new goal or direction. Our churches need more than an organizational transition; we need a full transfusion of Jesus' blood, His life, within every disciple. Anything less than that will only perpetuate more of the dysfunction and unhealthy church practices that have already plagued us for too long. We are in desperate need of the internally transforming power of the gospel of grace and the presence of Christ so that our salvation is then worked out in a way the rest of the world will notice. It isn’t enough that we believe in the facts contained in the gospel, we must allow the gospel itself to infect our souls and transform us from within. The DNA of Jesus' lifeblood is needed in our churches and nothing shy of a full transfusion that touches every cell will be sufficient.

In this book Neil Cole (author of Organic Church, Church Transfusion and Journeys to Significance) and Phil Helfer, co-founders of Church Multiplication Associates, will first point out that change is possible with God, but only with God. In the second half of the book they will lay out some of the actual practical considerations to weigh if you want to release real organic health in your church.

Using multiple examples of very different kinds of churches that have been through the process, the authors present ways that leadership and practices need to change in order to release organic church movements from their midst. Chapters cover:
Leadershifts necessary
Detoxification from dependence issues.
How to ignite change virally.
How to grandparent movements.
How to measure success in movements.

This book (another in the Leadership Network series) applies organic life principles to established churches with practical help that is holistic and natural. The content in this book will be helpful whether you are pastor of an established church or wanting to revitalize a small organic church.

Jesus didn’t die and rise from the dead so that we can be like everyone else in the world. Our faith is more than just a better doctrine or a bigger goal with a capital giving campaign; it is a better life. Jesus is the difference, and what a difference he makes...don't be satisfied with less.

The Permanent Revolution: Apostolic Imagination and Practice for the 21st Century Church [Hardcover]

Price: $17.47

Book Description

Publication Date: February 28, 2012 | ISBN-10: 0470907746 | ISBN-13: 978-0470907740 | Edition: 1

A new brand of apostolic ministry for today's world The Permanent Revolution is a groundbreaking work of theological re-imagination that focuses on the twin issues of ministry and leadership appropriate to our times. The authors draw widely from the areas of biblical studies, theology, organizational theory, leadership studies, and the social sciences, to make a comprehensive case for on the abiding significance of the Ephesians 4 vocations of apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd and teacher in the church that Jesus intended. They particularly emphasize the strategic importance of the apostolic role for generating missional movements, facilitating ongoing renewal in the life of the church, stimulating ecclesial innovation, and creating adaptive but highly sustainable organizations.

Shows how to view leadership and ministry through a biblical perspective and continue "the permanent revolution" that Jesus initiated

Outlines the essential characteristics of apostolic movements and how to restructure the church and ministry to be more consistent with them

Alan Hirsch is a leading voice in the missional movement of the Christian West

This seminal book will likely initiate a much needed re-assessment about how we think of, and subsequently do, ministry in 21st Century contexts.

On the Verge: A Journey Into the Apostolic Future of the Church (Exponential Series) Paperback

Paperback $14.98 Amazon.com

The church is on the verge of massive, category shifting, change. Contemporary church growth, despite its many blessings, has failed to stem the decline of Christianity in the West. We are now facing the fact that more of the same will not produce different results. Our times require a different kind of church---an apostolic, reproducing, movement where every person is living a mission-sent life. Many of the best and brightest leaders in the contemporary church are now making the shift in the way they think, lead, and organize. Motivated partly by a vision of the church as ancient as it is new, and with a driving desire to see Biblical Christianity establish itself in Western cultural contexts, we are indeed seeing a new form of the church emerge in our day. Hirsch and Ferguson call this 'apostolic movement' because it is more resonant with the form of church that we witness in the pages of the New Testament and in the great missional movements of history. In this book, Hirsch and Ferguson share a rich array of theology, theory, and best practices, along with inspiring stories about leaders who have rightly diagnosed their churches' failure to embrace a biblical model of mission and have moved toward a fuller expression of the gospel. On the Verge will help church leaders discover how these forerunners and their insights are launching a new apostolic movement---and how any church can get involved.

Febr. 2010. $17.60

by Young G. Chai (Author) , Daniel Chai (Author) , Danny Suh (Editor) & 1 more

Why Do We Need Another Book? Why do we need yet another book on the topic of house churches? This is a reasonable question. There are many books about house or cell churches. Many of them are quite good. So why have another? There are several purposes for this book that may not be addressed by other books on house churches. First, it may serve as a guide for minority churches, especially those in challenging environments. This book tells the story of our church, Seoul Baptist Church of Houston. Although it s located in the U.S., the services are conducted in Korean since its members are mostly Korean or Korean American. According to the 2000 census figures, there are only 5,544 Korean-Americans in Houston, Texas, the fourth most populous city in the United States. (In 2008, it seems that the number has grown to about 20,000.) Despite the relatively small number of Koreans in the area, our Sunday worship attendance numbers around 1,000 adults. When including children, the youth group, and the English-speaking congregation, the number is close to 2,000, more than 10% of the Korean-American population in the area. Our story may show minority churches how they can become successful in environments where there are fundamental differences in race and culture between the churches and the areas they are in, such as mission churches in foreign lands. Another goal of this book is to show how traditional churches can be converted to house churches. Many books on house or cell churches focus on starting new churches, which is important. However, many churches today are dying, and revitalizing existing churches is just as important and God-pleasing as starting new ones. Without revitalization, many traditional churches will simply die. We can see this happening already, as evidenced by the numerous empty church buildings in some European countries. This book shares my experiences in converting a 14-year-old traditional Baptist church to a house church system and discusses how other traditional churches might do the same. The topic of how to convert existing churches to house churches has not been much discussed in other books, and much of this book is devoted to it. That said, the principles discussed may still be equally valuable to those who want to start new house churches from scratch, which is sometimes much simpler than converting a church from the traditional church model. As another unique emphasis, this book prioritizes returning to the model of the New Testament churches. Many books on house or cell churches claim that their churches are Bible-based churches. While this may be true, these books often reference few Bible passages, and their focus is on church growth or operational strategies. This is not surprising, since growth is often used as a measure of a church s success. The ultimate goal for our house churches is to be true New Testament churches. Growth should be the byproduct of a church s effort to be a true New Testament church rather than the goal. So this book places a greater emphasis on restoring New Testament churches than on church growth. In fact, our church sometimes implements policies that can hinder church growth when we believe they are consistent with our main mission. For example, we discourage people who are already believers from joining our church, as we believe that this helps us focus on our primary purpose. I ll discuss this in more detail later in the book. This book is not a house church manual. Rather, it's a testimony of one person who longed to recreate the New Testament church and has, in a small way, been successful. I want to share the wisdom I ve gained through the journey. Hopefully, the book includes enough information so that someone who has a similar dream may be encouraged to venture into the same exciting journey.

House Church - Simple-Strategic-Scriptural Paperback

by Stephen E. Atkerson (Author) , Steve Atkerson (Editor) Mars 2005. $8.96 Amazon.com

SIMPLE - Meet in a home, share a meal, fellowship with others who love Jesus and who are like family.

STRATEGIC - Grows naturally, replicates easily, fosters spiritual maturity, builds relationships, promotes unity, uses resources efficiently.

SCRIPTURAL - Established by the Lord through the Apostles. practiced by the early church, prescribed by the New Testament for today.

The Church Comes Home Building Community and Mission through Home Churches Paperback – September 1, 1994. $5.99

by Robert J. Banks (Author) , Julia Banks (Author)

In our modern dislocated society many are searching for a church experience that offers true Christian sharing, nurturing, and discipleship, in addition to teaching and worship. For many such people the answer is found in the home church: a small, committed group of often diverse people who meet together in homes to pray, eat, sing, study, and share their lives.

"The Church Comes Home" is a handbook for those interested in home churches. It is both visionary and practical. It describes how home churches can be formed, how they should grow, and how networks of home churches can develop. It examines issues" for example, how to make decisions; how to determine doctrine; how to include children, singles, elders; and how to reach out to the community at large" and offers practical suggestions for their resolution.

Paul's Idea of Community: The Early House Churches in Their Cultural Setting, Revised Edition

by Robert J. Banks (Author). 1994

Kindle $12.39, Hardcover from $33.97, Paperback $14.10

Robert Banks's widely read Paul's Idea of Community: The Early House Churches in Their Cultural Setting is once again available to laypeople, pastors, and scholars alike. In this extensively revised edition Banks has rewritten chapters for clarity, taken into account recent scholarship on Paul's writings, updated and expanded the bibliography, and added an index. This new edition retains, however, all the freshness and vitality of the original.